Things to Know About the New WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

By : Amandeep singh chawla


After launching WhatsApp on the Desktop, the instant messaging service WhatsApp has finally started rolloing out the much-awaited voice calling feature to select users for beta testing.
Here are three things you should know about the recently added voice calling tool:


whatsapp voice calling2
As the voice calling feature on WhatsApp is releasing to selected customers, all the users will not be able to enjoy it on their devices as of now. The company said that there is an invite system and a person with the update can send invites to their friends by giving them a call.


whatsapp voice calling1
The instant messaging service has kept things simple. Until now there was an attachment option in the chat record of every person, but now a call icon has been added to make a call. Also, there would be an option to put the phone on speaker while calling.


whatsapp voice calling
If you think you can just make and receive a call, then this may surprise you. WhatsApp has an organised call log system where the app keeps a track of your recent calling history. That means you will be notified of the missed calls as well.
Have a look at this video to better understand the voice calling feature:

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