Microsoft May Invest in Custom Android ROM Maker Cyanogen

By : Amandeep Singh Chawla

In a surprising round of rumors, The Wall Street Journal has reported that Microsoft is putting money into Cyanogen. According to the report, Microsoft may invest in Cyanogen and strike a commercial partnership. While the companies are discussing the deal, Microsoft has not committed to an investment.
Bloomberg also reported that the two companies are in negotiations to create a version of CyanogenOS that features Microsoft’s services. The deal seems quite similar to what Nokia did with the X series (smartphones running a heavily customised version of Android), which Microsoft killed back in July, 2014.
The investment would be unusual, because Microsoft offers its own Windows Phone operating system. But Windows Phone has only about 3% market share, which may be prompting Microsoft to consider unconventional steps.
Back in October 2014, some reports claimed that the Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster shrugged off Google Senior Vice President of Android, Sundar Pichai’s interest in purchasing the company. The interest of these tech giants in the hot start-up is natural, considering the popularity and enormous community associated with the company.

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