Install Kitkat On PC


Install Kitkat On PC

Here is the most expected tutorial from Here we are going to show you how to install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on PC with Google Apps such as Google Play, Gmail, Drive etc. Just follow the instructions one by one given below. 


1. Oracle VM VirtualBox

Download the latest version of VirtualBox from

2. Genymotion Android Emulator

You need to register in Genymotion Website in order to download. Download and install latest version of Genymotion from

3. Google Apps KitKat

Download the Google Apps zip from the link which contain the essential Google Apps such as Play Store, Gmail, Youtube etc.
[button color="red" size="medium" link="" target="blank" ]Download[/button]

4. Android SDK

Android SDK is required to use ADB. Download and extract Android SDK from the link.

Instructions to install KitKat on PC

1. Launch Genymotion and login with your Username and Password.
2.Select Add to create a new virtual device, then select a virtual device with  4.4.2 API-19 from the list and click Add. Here we are using a virtual device named “Galaxy Note 3″.
How to Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on PC with Google Apps
3.Then select next and the Virtual image starts downloading. Wait for some time the virtual image is about 204 MB in size.
4.After downloading press finish.Now the virtual device will be listed in “Your virtual devices” in the home screen.
5. In the Genymotion Settings, set the ADB path which is your Android SDK folder.
6.Then select play to start your virtual device.
7. After finishing booting drag and drop the zip file we downloaded named to the Genymotion Window. Its starts installing the Google Apps and it asks for your confirmation. Confirm it.
How to Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on PC with Google Apps
How to Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on PC with Google Apps
How to Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on PC with Google Apps
8. After completing the installation reboot your Virtual Device. Now you will see all the Google Apps.
Screenshot (26)
9. Open Google Play and sign in with your ID and start downloading apps from Google Play.
Screenshot (25)
Note: We have removed some apps such as Google Plus, Search from the package which are crashing in Genymotion. Download and install that apps from Google Play.
Enjoy Android KitKat on your PC 

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