How to Recover Deleted Files from Android

By : Amandeep Singh Chawla

Sometimes when you working around with your files in android and you may delete files which can be important for you or your mobile system so What now How to Recover Deleted Files from Android there’s plenty of the way to undelete deleted files with file recovery software for android or with the help of PC, But recover deleted files from SD card is sometimes very difficult or not easy to get all files that are deleted from SD card or android so there is a lot of memory card recovery software that may help you to get all the files with ease sometimes recovering deleted files may take more time than usual. In the web there is a lot of file recovery software for PC and android some are free but some have paid features but don’t worry you can get all that paid software for free from google easily that works fine and they

can recover all deleted files from first to last, means everything you delete from your memory card when you buy it for the first time. so here is all the software that can help you to undelete files or recover deleted files from your android or memory card.



There is lot of file recovery software on the web that can restore deleted files from memory card or Pendrive, but some of them are not working if some are working they are paid but I’ll show you only free and fully working software’s on the web that can recovery one to all files that you have deleted from your memory card from start to end.


  1. This is best and most working software in the web download here.
  2. It works with any window.
  3. Easy to use software with one click installation.
  4. Connect your formatted memory card to your computer.
  5. launch I-care recovery.How to Recover Deleted Files from Android
  6. Select media type and click next wait for some time and then click on recover.
  7. you’ll get all your files back.


  1. Another best software which works well Download Here
  2. Works with all windows.
  3. easy to use one click install software.
  4. connect your corrupted memory card.
  5. select your media files let it scan your files.
  6. You’re ready to recover files.How to Recover Deleted Files from Android 1
  7. All done you have all your files now.


I have tested so many apps in android to recover files many have bugs and if some working they have some lacs in it and some are paid there are some apps they said work without root bit they only work like recycle bin in you mobile if you delete your files they are still in your memory so not worth to work. so I only find 2 working apps which almost recover all the files from start to end and works well and fast then computer software but the only thing is these apps works with root only so better to root your mobile for more fun Here is full tutorial for rooting your mobile How To Root Android Without Computer.



  1. Best ever app made for android to recover or undelete files Download here.
  2. Just download from the link give above and open it.
  3. Just check which files you want to recover or any media files from the folder or whole memory card
  4. Now let this app open and do its work wait for some time.
  5. This app shows your all the flies which can be recoverable.
  6. then click to recover and choose the destination or path where you want to recover.
  7. That’s all you got all your deleted files back in your phone.


  1. Second working app in the play store for android gets it here.
  2. Download and open the app easy to use app.
  3. select media files to recover.
  4. click on recover files.
  5. choose the path to recovery the files and click recover files.
  6. all done you got all your apps back

Note: some software above are paid, but you can get all easily from google for free for better use :P
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