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By : Amandeep singh Chawla

We cannot think of our life without internet and now that blogs and other websites are becoming popular by the day, the owners are trying to monetize it for their benefit.
The Internet business is huge and is highly competitive too therefore, it becomes very important that you select the right platform for monetizing your websites else you will get more complaints rather than earnings.
Infolinks is one such name which will help you in monetizing your websites to the optimum level. They help in improving engagement and enhance the visibility of the websites.

What exactly Infolinks is?

It is an advertising platform which has made its presence felt on global platform. If you want to enhance your own campaigning, then also you can seek their help and they will readily oblige.
They have this feature which is known as Self-Serve Marketplace which will allow you to customize the campaigning of your website very easily.
If you are an Online Publisher, then you will be able to earn money online through Infolinks. So, this online platform of advertising will help you to earn money based on the content of your site.
As a publisher also you will be highly benefited by the service that Infolinks offers because it will provide you with the opportunity to drive new revenue prospects. In – text advertising is one of the solutions provided by Infolinks.
This is beneficial because in – text advertising will not eat up extra – space as the ads are directly inserted in the text.
This way the publishers are able to utilize the full space as per your preference. Infolinks has made it possible for the novice to make money online with √©lan.
How Infolinks works on your site
Infolinks increases revenue by delivering ad solutions to publishers
If you are not sure about how Infolinks works, then read on and you will get all the details about this online advertising platform. If you are using Infolinks to monetize your website, then what you have to do is insert links in some of the texts of your content.
Now when any user will visit your site and they will move around the cursor of the mouse over these special texts, then the link will enlarge and an informational window will pop up with the advertisement, making an adview.
So, how do you make money out of it? Simple, you have to generate most number of adviews in order to earn more and more through your sites.

Earning through online advertising platform

There are various ad formats and you will be able to choose between text ads and Image ads. You can opt for any one of them that you think will go with your website.
While placing ads you also need to know the orientation of your customers because they are the one who will be helping you in earning revenue by clicking on the links.
The various other Infolinks ads are –
  • In Tag
  • In frame
  • In search
Now, if you want to register with the site to get the maximum benefit, then you can do that quite easily as the registration process is kept quite simple. In order to register with them you just have to provide the name of your website or the blog website that you have.
The payout procedure followed by Infolinks is easy to understand. You just have to go through the terms and conditions once and you will understand how they operate.
They generally take 45 days to process the payment but in order to encash the deposits of your account you must accumulate a minimum amount of $50.
Once your account reaches that amount you can ask them to pay you through PayPal or you can also opt for bank wire as well.
CPM rate on an average is something between $1 and $10 but this depends on the quality of the visitors that you receive for your website.

Advantages of using Infolinks over others

There may be various other online advertising platforms, but no one helps you gain so much revenue as Infolinks does. There are various advantages that you can enjoy when you are using Infolinks as an online platform and here is a list of that –
Relevancy is the key – They don’t want you to compromise you with the text by coming up with any random anchor text. Instead they always ensure that the ads that are inserted in the texts that are relevant. Relevant and contextual ads are behind the success of Infolinks.
Easy installation helps a lot – The approval process and the sign up process is quite easy and you will be able to start working on it pretty quickly. Once you, get your approval all you have to do is follow the procedure and copy the code that is provided and paste in at the footer of the blog.
You don’t have to link the ads instead you just have to install the code and Infolinks will take care of everything else. They place the ads on their own and you won’t have to worry about anything else.
Keeps up with the pace – The users of Infolinks are part of the happy users who have been earning daily without compromising on the speed. It doesn’t slow you down due to the links that have been placed in their by Infolinks.
Even the users, who are paranoid if their speed is reduced a bit, also couldn’t complain about this issue with Infolinks because it makes sure that the speed is not hampered.
User friendly user interface – You can do whatever you want to start from customizing the number of ads that will be published on each page to the genre of advertisement that will be displayed on their site.
If you don’t like the color, then you will be able to change that too. In case you like the links to have dotted lines instead of double lines, then also you can make that possible. No other online advertising platform will offer you so much of benefits when it comes to customization.
Money that you will generate through links completely depends on how many page views you have.
Therefore, if you have huge traffic flocking your site on a regular basis, then it will help you in earning more, and in case your site doesn’t boast of much traffic, then you might not receive that much of revenue at the end of the month.
Another important observation is that if your visitors are mainly from the UK or the USA, then you will be able to generate more profit. But this doesn’t mean that you will not earn anything if you get visitors from other countries.
It is just that you the earning quite low in comparison to these two countries.
The main reason behind this is that the product that is advertised by Infolinks, considers the people of these two countries as their target audience.

Wrap Up

If you have a good number of traffic visiting your site, then Infolinks is one such online advertising platform that will help you generate enough money for you at the end of each month.
There is no money involved in registering so you can get started whenever you want provided you have a blog of yours or a website of your own. So start earning more and more right away!

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Pamela said...

HI Amandeep, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for writing this nice review! I just wanted to mention that our products have changed a little bit, so on top of InText, we also have InFrame, InFold and InTag. Keep up the good work and happy blogging :)

Amandeep Singh Chawla said...

your welcome #pamela !!!!!!!

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