You Can Use Upto 8 AdSense Ads Units

When somebody getting to begin web blogging and that they search regarding blogging and the way to earn cash with blogging the primary common answer They get is with Google AdSense ads shown in your blog and once visitor click on your ads you’ll get paid by Google. AdSense comes initial selection of each blogger cause it’s most typical and most paid by Publisher  to any blogger. once blogger begin blogging they found it terribly attention-grabbing and straightforward however blogging doesn’t Mean you spam in Google with your creepy English therefore you’ve got to ascertain this one if your not smart in english like me Article Rewriter For Improved English and Grammar. Get traffic from google build distinctive post not derived type different bloggers and you’ll be able to get AdSense account approved terribly simply and earn alot with AdSsense.
So Today I gonna show you how you can maximize your AdSense earnings with little effort. I have read many blog about AdSense Most people say that you can only place three AdSense ad units on one page. They are worng you can use upto 8 AdSense units.
you can use 3 standard ad units, 3 link units and 2 search forms.
Google allows us to use 8 ad unit so why we use only 3 . so use all 8 adsnes unit and maximize your AdSense earning’s with little effort.
ok! I will show you how to use all 8 AdSense unit’s.

You Can Use Upto 8 AdSense Ads Units

1. 3 Standard Ad Units :

As you all know we can put 3 Adsense standard units per page ,if you use more than 3 ads another add will be not shown there and if google will notice that, they will disapprove your adsense account. we can use 3 standard adds in a page as you can see i have placed 3 ads in my page in the header ,begin of post, and last of the post. i use all three adds in a place where Google said to place your ads to Maximize your Adsense earnings it cause i get huge click on my ads and get paid by google.
Google give as recommend ads unit to place in our site me can re-size it to our need recommend Ads unit to maximize Adsense earnings.

2. 3 link units :

we can also put 3 link units along side with 3 standard ad unit in one page. If you want to make your own Adsense link unit ads follow the instructions.
>> Go to
>> AdSense account
>> my Ads
>> create new ad
>> in Ad size scroll down to
>> Link Units – Related Topic list
>> select size per your need.
>> Save Get Code.
And then get code and place where you want to place those adds any where in your site like in header in post or in widget etc. Google recommend us some ad unit to maximize AdSense earning Recommend Links Unit Ad.

3. 2 search forms:

We can also use 2 AdSense unit in our site search engine. when someone click on search it will search in your site and show 2 realted adds to search keywords and it whwn some one click on keywords you will get paid. Here is  great defined article how to create Adsense search How to Create Google Adsense Search To Show Result Within Your Blog. just follow the instructions and you can make your own search adds. if you want to get Adsense search code then .
>>Go To
>> AdSense Account
>> Click on MyAds
>> Click on Search
>> Custom Search Engine
>> Click on New Custom Engine
>> Give any name
>> Save and get code.


You Can Use Upto 8 AdSense Ads Units yes ! so in the last I recommend you to use all 8 AdSense units and maximize your earnings and earn more money in easy way. don’t put any other Ads like infolinks etc it will reduce your blog quality and Google will pay you lower cpc. so only Use AdSense to maximize your earnings . %SEO friendly image.jpeg You Can Use Upto 8 AdSense Ads Units
Like post , give ratings , and Make your precious comments Down and let me know if you like or had any problem Happy To Help. %SEO friendly image.jpeg You Can Use Upto 8 AdSense Ads Units

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