Shortcut keys of Windows 8

Shortcut keys of Windows 8
By: Amandeep singh Chawla

Shortcut keys of Windows 8
Shortcut keys really improve the overall working speed of any user, no matter what kind of software are being used. It is much easier to perform the tasks quickly by using Shortcut keys. Here in this post we will learn the important Shortcut Keys of Windows  8, which if used properly, would increase our overall working speed inside windows 8. So without wasting a single second, let’s get started.

Important Shortcut Keys of Windows 8
Followings are the most important Shortcut Keys of Windows 8.
 Shortcut keys
Work Performs
Windows Key + D
  Show Desktop
Windows Key + C
  Open Charms Menu
Windows Key + Tab
  Cycle through open Modern UI Apps
Windows Key + Shift + Tab
  Cycle through open Modern UI Apps in reverse order
Windows Key + -
  Zoom out using Magnifier
Windows Key + +
  Zoom in using Magnifier
Windows Key + Escape
  Exit Magnifier
Windows Key + Enter
  Open Narrator
Windows Key + Spacebar
  Switch input language
Windows Key + P
  Choose secondary display modes
Shift + Delete
  Delete folder permanently
Windows Key + Print Screen
  Takes a Print Screen and saves it to your Pictures folder
Windows Key + Up Arrow
  Maximize current window
Windows Key + Left Arrow
  Maximize current window to left side
Windows Key + Right Arrow
  Maximize current window to right side
Windows Key + E
  Open my Computer
Windows Key + L
  Lock the PC
Windows Key + R
  Open Run dialog box
Windows Key + I
  Open settings from the right side bar
Indeed, shortcut keys are really handy, if used properly it will increase overall work flow. If you have any other shortcut key in your mind for windows 8 which you think are so important then do tell us in comments below. And if you have any question to ask related to “Shortcut keys of Windows 8″  then feel free to ask. Leave your questions in the comments. We really appreciate your questions and love to answer them

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